The International Road Signs Quiz

Have you ever looked at road signs from around the world? If you have, did you notice anything?

Don’t many of them look similar?

Perhaps you feel like you would know:

  • What a Brazilian parking sign looks like?
  • What signs you’re allowed to ride past on a Class 1 moped in Sweden?
  • Which sign warns you of a railway crossing with a barrier – and which sign warns you of one without one?

Want to put your knowledge of road signs to the test?


Then, the International Road Signs Quiz is for you.

This quiz contains road signs from countries like:

– The United Kingdom

– Poland

– The United States

– Turkey

– Australia

– Japan


How many will you get right?


#1. (Brazil) What does this sign mean?

This sign indicates a parking spot. 

The “E” is short for “estacionamento,” which is Portuguese for “parking.”

#2. (Sweden) What's the maximum speed limit in a built-up area with this sign?

Even though the sign says “30 km/h,” it’s only advisory. The maximum speed limit is 50 km/h (since you’re in a built-up area).

#3. (Argentina) What does this sign mean?

This is an Argentinian yield sign. “Ceda el paso” translates to “give way.”

#4. (Malaysia) What can you expect to reach if you ride past this sign?

If you ride past this sign, you’ll have to go back the same way you came – this sign indicates a dead-end street.

#5. (Turkey) What must you be weary of if you see this sign?

This sign means the end of a priority road. After you’ve passed this sign, you might have to give way to other road users when you’re approaching an intersection.

#6. (Australia) What kind of transport does this sign warn you of

This sign warns you of trams – a common sight in a city like Melbourne. Be aware that trams can swerve or steer to avoid you.

#7. (Serbia) Which sign prohibits mopeds?

The sign for Option A is the sign that prohibits mopeds. Option B prohibits motorcycles.

#8. (Japan) What are you not allowed to do on a road with this sign?

This sign prohibits you from overtaking other vehicles.

#9. (Japan) What does this sign mean?

This sign means that the minimum speed limit is 50 kilometers per hour (indicated by the line under the number “50”).

In other words, you must ride at a speed of at least 50 km/h.

Remember that Japan uses the metric system – all speed limits (minimum or maximum) are indicated in kilometers.

#10. (United Kingdom) What does this sign indicate?

#11. (South Africa) What does this sign warn you of?

This sign warns you of a railway crossing without barriers.

#12. (United Kingdom) Click on the traffic warden who gives the signal for "traffic approaching from behind must stop"

Traffic warden A gives the sign that all traffic approaching from behind must stop.


Traffic warden B gives the sign that all traffic approaching from the front must stop.


Traffic warden C gives the sign that all traffic from behind AND the front must stop

#13. (Thailand) Select the sign that means that both parking AND stopping are prohibited

Sign 1 means that both stopping and parking are prohibited.

#14. (United States) What does this sign mean?

This sign alerts you to a yield sign ahead – you DON’T have to give way when you arrive at this sign, though.

#15. (Universal) You're approaching an intersection with a Stop sign. However, if the intersection is completely free from traffic - are you allowed to proceed WITHOUT coming to a complete stop?

Even if the road is completely free from traffic, you must always come to a complete stop at a stop sign.