Put your knowledge of mopeds to the test with the Moped Trivia Quiz!


#1. In the movie Spiderman from 2004, Peter Parker delivers pizzas on a moped. Which one?

The moped used by Peter Parker is a Puch Maxi (specifically, a 1979 Puch Maxi S Newport).

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#2. In which state was Puch of America based in?

Puch of America was based in Connecticut.

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#3. The term “moped” was coined back in 1952 by Swedish automotive journalist Harald Nielsen. Which two words is the phrase comprised of?

“Moped” is a combination of the words “motorized” and “pedals.”

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#4. In 1977, which American state had NO minimum age restriction in place to ride a 50cc moped?

In 1977, most states required that you were between 14-16 years old to ride a 50cc moped. However, the state of Indiana had NO minimum age for moped riders.

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#5. What is the top speed of a moped that belongs to the Swedish Moped Class 1?

The top speed for a Swedish Moped Class 1 moped or scooter is 45 km/h (27 mph).

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#6. Which country was Tomos based in?

Tomos was based in Slovenia.

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#7. In Sweden, this moped is known as the "Puch Dakota." What is it known as in the rest of the world?

In the rest of the world, the Puch Dakota is known as the Puch VZ50. 

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#8. Where were the UK headquarters of Puch located?

The UK regional headquarters for Puch was in Nottingham.


#9. When did helmets become compulsory for moped riders in Sweden?

Helmets became compulsory for moped riders in Sweden in 1978.

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#10. The Decepticons, the predecessors to the Moped Army were founded in 1997. In which American city?

The Decepticons were founded in Kalamazoo, Michigan. 


#11. The Puch VZ50 had a unique name for its blue color scheme – which one?

The blue color scheme for the Puch VZ50 is called “Dino Blue.”

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#12. Which of these Tomos Models was exclusive to Japan?

Little is known about this particular moped, except its name – The Tomos Classic 2.

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#13. Which of the following below is NOT a moped?

The Zundapp Bella is NOT a moped but rather a scooter.

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#14. You’re riding a Class 1 moped in Sweden. Are you allowed to ride past this road sign?

Unless the sign is in an area where a Class 1 moped isn’t allowed (e.g. a footpath or sidewalk), you’re allowed to ride past this sign on a Class 1 moped.

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