About Moped Problems

Moped Problems is the official YouTube channel of Second Stroke Mopeds – a moped emporium founded in 2010 and originally based out of New York City (specifically Brooklyn).

Primarily hosted by the shop’s owner Pete, the channel features advice and tutorial videos about how mopeds work.

Other times, it’s just casual, fun stuff, like when the entire team went to Slovenia to visit the Tomos Factory.

There’s a lot of great stuff here, so in no particular order, here are my personal highlights from the Moped Problems YouTube channel.

Highlight #1: How to register a moped in NY

If you want to register a moped in New York City (or in any of the tri-state areas like New Jersey or Connecticut), you have 3 classes to register it as:

  • Class A
  • Class B
  • Class C

And if you’re confused about the differences between the three, Pete explains everything you need to know in this video – including which DMV forms you need to fill out.

Highlight #2: Get a Trike – Go-4 Interceptor REVIEW – a case for all three-wheeled motorcycles

I know; it’s not a moped. Nevertheless, this video about the Go-4 Interceptor (a special three-wheeler used by the NYPD, among other things) is fascinating – especially how you can get one.

The video itself briefly describes the features of the Go-4 Interceptor but also covers why you might want to get one (hint – it’s related to motorcycle insurance).


Highlight #3: My NYC Adventures with Mopeds

A while after Second Stroke Mopeds relocated to Bradenton, Florida, Pete and his buddy Scott returned to the old shop location.

But this goes beyond a typical revisit because along the way, they bump into moped people (including one with an electric MOTO RAE).   

Highlight #4: Freak Moped – The SUPER-PUCH Rides!

Explanation unnecessary – the video thumbnail shows you everything you need to know about this monster of a moped build.

Highlight #5: Trip to Slovenia

In this special 4-part series, the team at Second Stroke Mopeds t a tour through Slovenia, where they, among other things:

  • Pick up new Tomos mopeds (including a couple of ATXs)
  • Take a trip to the Tomos Factory in Koper
  • Liberate some old Tomos engines from an abandoned warehouse


Highlight #6: Average Day at the MOPED SHOP

You know how many videos start with the phrase “today we’re doing something different?

This video is the opposite – simply because it shows a typical day at Second Stroke Mopeds.

But for a “typical day,” a lot is going on. For example, at one point, a vlogger turns up on a bright yellow scooter.


Highlight #7: The Greatest Moped Commercial Ever Made

I’ve saved one of my favorites for last – a spoof moped commercial. 

But not just any spoof moped commercial – but a commercial for the Tomos Racing TT made in an old horror movie style.

What makes it particularly entertaining is the self-aware hoaky acting and how it pokes fun at horror movie cliches.

In short, this is one hell of a commercial (pun intended). 

What are your favorite moments from the Moped Problems channel?