New to DWJ? Here are some suggestions about where to start

30 Minute Motorcycling Podcast

Sometimes, you don’t have hours of available time to listen to a podcast.

That’s where the official Dual Wheel Journey podcast titled “30 Minute Motorcycling” is different – its purpose is to explain a topic on motorcycles, mopeds, or scooters in 30 minutes or less. 

No digression. No pointless tangents. No dubious fluff.

Usually published on Mondays.

Tool Tutorials

From basic everyday maintenance to engine overhauls, you’ll need to use tools. And if this is new, unexplored territory for you, the Tool Tutorials are here to bring you up to speed about:

  • What the tool is
  • What it does
  • How to use it effectively (arguably the most important part)

Usually published on Tuesdays.

For Beginner Mechanics

The cornerstone of DWJ, the “For Beginner Mechanics” series, aims to show how your motorcycle, moped, or scooter works.

While other tutorials you’ll find online will only show you the “how-to,” this series will show you the “why you should.”

Speaking from my own experience, by knowing how things are supposed to work (and what can happen if they don’t), you’ll know::

  • Why you need to fit a directional tire the right way
  • The differences between hydraulic and mechanical brake systems
  • How a CVT transmission works

Usually published on Wednesdays.


This series is self-explanatory – it’s a series of reviews for motorcycle-related things.

But what makes these reviews unique is that I will only review things that I think are worth a look at.

No angry internet reviewing here, in other words. 

Usually published on Thursdays.

Trivia & History

The two-wheeler world is full of interesting trivia. For example, did you know that:

  • There was a Swedish magazine in the 1970s dedicated (mostly) to Puch mopeds?
  • Why the “Honda Monkey bikes” are called “Monkey Bikes?”
  • That Triumph made scooters once?

In this “Trivia & History” series, you’ll discover things like these (and many more).

This series also contains “Specs & Stats,” – a minor segment that goes into further detail about the history and engine specs of a particular motorcycle, moped, or scooter model:

Usually published on Fridays.

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