Master the T-CLOCS Pre-Ride Safety Inspection In 15 Minutes

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If left unchecked, minor mechanical problems become big ones.

For example:

  • Do your brakes stop when you apply them – or is there a leak in a brake hose somewhere?
  • Are your tires in good condition – or are you just minutes away from a loud, unexpecting blowout?
  • Can you kickstand support the weight of your motorcycle – or will it go “snap” as soon as you put it down?

Whether you’ve got a 50cc hairdryer or a 1000cc crotch rocket, these are risks you can’t afford to make.

Fortunately, you can ensure your bike’s roadworthy with a simple, T-CLOCS inspection.

It just takes a few minutes, and you don’t have to be a professional (or even amateur) motorcycle mechanic to do one.

And if you want to master this simple yet effective inspection, Master the T-CLOCS Pre-Ride Safety Inspection in 15 Minutes is an excellent place to start.

What you’ll get inside this ebook:

  • A walkthrough of what each letter of “T-CLOCS” stands for
  • Easy-to-follow descriptions about how to do each mechanical check and, most importantly – what it should look like.
  • 8 common T-CLOCS FAQs – including whether you need tools to do one


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