Swedish Moped Class 1 and 2 – Everything You Need To Know

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The Swedish Moped Class 1 and Class 2 system has been in effect since 1998. And yet, it’s surprisingly hard to find reliable information online about this topic – especially in English.

Until now, that is.

Inside the Swedish Moped Class 1 & 2 – All You Need to Know ebook, you’ll discover:

  • The differences between each moped class – including which one packs the most power
  • The license type you need to have to ride either class (or even both classes).
  • How you can quickly identify a Class 1 moped or scooter from a Class 2 one
  • Pros and cons of both vehicle types
  • A sign that ONLY affects Class 2 mopeds or scooters

Whether you use a small 50cc-equivalent moped or scooter for deliveries, commuting to work, or just for fun, this ebook contains everything you need to know to continue (or even start) enjoying riding – all while staying 100% within the law.

UPDATED: Now includes:

  • An exclusive chapter about the legality of e-bikes and how they count as Class 1 or 2


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