Would you like to know more about how to restore motorcycles?

Then, you should know that there’s an online called Build Your Dream Motorcycle that you can take for just $20.

It might sound too good to be true, but this course has plenty of value to offer for a beginner and/or aspiring motorcycle restorer.

If you’d like to know more about it, here’s a review of what the course offers, what you’ll get and perhaps most important thing of all – why it’s worth it, 

A Brief Note About Motorcycle Habit – The Site Behind Build Your Dream Motorcycle

Build Your Dream Motorcycle is a course from Motorcycle Habit – a site hosted by experienced motorcycle restorer Kyle Cannon.

Having restored over 12 motorcycles, Kyle made this course to share what he’s learned over the years and give the aspiring motorcycle restorer something he never had when he started.

In other words, everything he’s sharing in this course is tried-and-true methods he’s used for years.

It’s also worth noting that the motorcycle used in the course is in particularly poor condition – meaning that you’ll have the confidence to tackle any problem you might face when restoring motorcycles.

What’s Included In the Build Your Dream Motorcycle Course?

52 high-quality video lessons

Build Your Dream Motorcycle consists of 52 videos lessons spread out over four chapters:

  1. Disassembly
  2. Frame
  3. Fuel Tank & Body Work
  4. Assembly

As the name suggests, the Disassembly chapter covers the entire disassembly process. Yes, the entire process – from the seat all the way to the front forks.

Near the end of the Disassembly chapter, the motorcycle used for the course ends up looking like this:

The next chapter, Frame includes how to sand, clean and paint the frame and even includes a brief chapter on grinding and welding the rear hoop.

Similarly, the Fuel Tank & Body Work chapter deals with bodywork.

The only difference is that it includes not just painting but also clear coating and even priming (which is a base coat applied to make the paint last longer, in case you didn’t know).

There’s even a lesson about the different types of sandpaper grit and how to use them effectively when restoring bodywork.

Finally, the Assembly chapter is where the whole project comes full circle and the whole bike is put back together again.

In addition, this chapter also contains a few lessons on carburetor rebuilds and even how to install ignition switches.

Regardless of the chapter, most of the video lessons are kept to a short and sweet length of 2-7 minutes each. However, there are a few that go on for quite a while.

An a prime example, the aforementioned carburetor rebuilding lesson (screenshot below) goes on for nearly 25 minutes!

3 bonus PDF downloads

But even though the video lessons are the core of this online course, there’s more.

After all, the actual restoration is just one part of the big picture. What about things like

  • Where should you go to find donor bikes?
  • What should you look for in a project motorcycle?
  • What tools you’ll need – and how much will they cost?

Fortunately, this course has you covered for those as well.

Aside from the regular video lessons, you’ll also get access to three PDFs containing the answers to all the questions above – as well as some handy tips and tricks.

Why Is It Worth It?

The Build Your Dream Motorcycle online course will not turn you into a master motorcycle restorer overnight. Still, if you’re coming into this from the perspective of a complete beginner, the information you get is beyond value.

Not only will you learn the entire restoration process, but you’ll also learn simple things like what you should consider when looking for a project bike.

And at the low asking price of just $20, the course is an absolute bargain.

The only bad things I have to say about it are minor.

For example, every video lesson (excluding the introduction) uses the same background music. Although it’s not too much of a bother, it can get slightly annoying in the long run.

How And Where To Get Started

Head on over to Motorcycle Habit.com to get started with the Build Your Dream Motorcycle online course today.