Put your scooter knowledge to the test with the DWJ Scooter Trivia Quiz!


#1. In Europe, the Honda Ruckus goes by a different name - which one?

In Europe, the Honda Ruckus is known as the “Honda Zoomer

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#2. The millionth Piaggio Vespa ever made received a special treatment from Pope Pius XII. What did he do to it?

In 1956, the millionth Vespa ever made was blessed by then-Pope Pius XII – on an altar and all. 

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#3. In which Italian city were Innocenti (the makers of the Lambretta scooters) based?

Innocenti was based in Milan and built not only Lambretta scooters but also cars under license from BMC.

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#4. What does "Kymco" stand for?

Kymco is an anagram from “Kwang Yang Motor Company”

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#5. What are PGO Scooters branded as in the United States?

In the United States, PGO Scooters are available under the Genuine Scooters brand.

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#6. What is "Lambretta" named after?

Lambretta is named after the Milan suburb of Lambrate.

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#7. Which manufacturer built a scooter named the "Topper?"

It might surprise you, but it’s actually Harley Davidson who made a scooter called the “Topper.”

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#8. What does "CVT" stand for?

The most common scooter transmission type is the CVT transmission, or “Continuously Variable Transmission.”

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#9. In which American city are Genuine Scooters headquartered in?

Genuine Scooters are headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. 

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#10. Which of these scooter brands is NOT Taiwanese?

Out of all these scooter brands, Daelim is the one that is not Taiwanese – Daelim is a Korean scooter and motorcycle brand.

#11. Which one of these two scooters is a Piaggio Vespa?

Scooter 1 is the Piaggio Vespa. You can tell by the fact that it has its engine mounted on the side. 


#12. Which two characteristics are common on an underbone motorcycle?

Unlike scooters, underbone motorcycles have:

  1. Engines mounted in the front of the rider’s feet
  2. Semi-automatic transmissions

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