There are a lot of scooter blogs and YouTube channels – so many in fact that I can’t talk about all of them in just one blog post. What I can do however is share a few that I enjoy watching. So in no particular order, here are 5 great scooter blogs and YouTube channels (and even an ebook) that I think you should check out.
Scooters For Newbies is run by a woman in Texas named Renee, who has loved talking about anything scooter-related ever since riding an e-scooter during a trip to Las Vegas. If you’re someone who’s just starting out with scooters, Scooters for Newbies is a great blog that covers aspects like:
  • Some common scooter brands
  • How to ride in the rain
  • Tips when buying a used scooter
If you’re interested in hearing more about Renee’s story of why she started riding scooters, you can hear it straight from the source in the video below:
Texas seems to be a place for scooters because our next scooter YouTube channel called “Ramen on Wheel” is also based there. Hosted by Shauna (AKA Ramen), this channel has both basic riding tips, maintenance advice, and unique and creative topics, such as this video, where Shauna tests out the PostMates delivery app:
Written by Alan Hearnshaw, a motorcycle and scooter-riding coach from the UK, as the book’s title might suggest, it’s all about how to ride a scooter safely.  As such, it covers vital aspects like positioning and the Look, Signal, and Maneuver parts, but it also covers:
  • Proper techniques when riding in a group – including keeping track of all riders, regardless of riding experience
  • What camber is – and how it affects your scooter
  • How to conquer Hazard Fixation
If you’d like to check out the book, it’s available for sale on
Vespa Motorsport Is an actual Vespa scooter dealership located at 3955 Pacific Highway, San Diego, California, with an official YouTube channel. A particular highlight of the channel is the tech tutorials hosted by Vespa Motorsport’s official technician, “Robot,” that teach you everything from how to do a complete service on your Vespa scooter. If you want to know more about scooter mechanics, videos like the one below are a gold mine.
“In this video, I will show you how….” That’s how Virberello, the host of this underrated channel, introduces most of his videos. This channel is similar to Vespa Motorsport, except that it focuses on maintaining and repairing Chinese scooters with the GY6 engine. But above all, what makes this channel so great is Virberello himself. He doesn’t just show you what to do – he also shares the little vital details to make sure your scooter repairs run like Swiss clockwork.
How many YouTube creators do you know who are 90% deaf? That’s the case with the host of Mitch’s Scooter Stuff. But despite that, the host, Mitch, puts out some of the best tutorial videos that I’ve ever seen. If anything, his style of text and visual cues and “speaking with his hands” means that the information is easier to digest (at least it is for me). For example, check out this video below about tips for setting up your scooter for winter storage:

Do you know any other good scooter blogs or YouTube channels that I missed?