How many American scooter brands can you know? Now, you’re about to know one – the Genuine Scooters company.

In this blog post, you’ll discover more about who they are and some of their more known models.

What are Genuine Scooters?

Genuine Scooters is a scooter and motorcycle maker founded in Chicago, Illinois, in 2002, with more than 240 dealerships all over the United States.

According to their website, their goal was to “bring a better scooter to the United States.”

Currently, they have a total of 13 models available – from the Buddy to the Urbano 200i.

Some of their scooters, like Roughhouse 50cc and the Buddy Scooter are actually rebadged PGO Scooters – a Taiwan-based scooter company that Genuine partnered with.

Are Genuine Scooters available in Europe?

Yes…in a strange sort of way. 

Scooters with the Genuine badge are only available in the US, but some of their models are rebadged PGO Scooters. 

That means that if you have a PGO scooter, you might have had a Genuine scooter all along.

Some known Genuine models

Buddy Scooter

Based on the PGO PA, the Buddy is one of Genuine’s most popular scooters – available in both 50cc, 125cc, and all the way up to 170cc with the Buddy Kick 170i.

The basic 50cc Buddy Scooter model has a 2-stroke, air-cooled engine with a top speed of up to 30 miles per hour.

If you’re interested in the Buddy Kick, check out this review from the Scooters for Newbies YouTube channel:

Rattler 200i

According to the official website, “the Rattler 200i doesn’t slither – it strikes.

As the biggest scooter in Genuine’s lineup, the Rattler 200i sports a 4-stroke fuel injected engine and a top speed of 60 miles per hour.

For more info on the Rattler, check out this review from the ClevelandMoto YouTube channel:

Genuine Roughhouse 50cc

Just like the Buddy, the Genuine Roughhouse 50cc is a rebadged PGO scooter – specifically a PGO PMX 50 (also known as the PGO Big Max 50 in some Scandinavian countries)

The basic Roughhouse 50cc model has a 2-stroke air-cooled engine and a top speed of 30 miles per hour. 

In addition, there’s also a special “Sport” edition of the Roughhouse.

Although the top speed is no different from the base module, the Roughhouse Sport has alloy wheels, LED turn signals, and a sportier seat.


This might be a surprise to you, but Genuine doesn’t just make scooters (even though the word is in the brand name).

Since 2018, they’ve also offered a pure motorcycle called the Genuine G400C.

With its 397cc engine and retro look, the G400C stands out from the rest of the Genuine lineup.