Swedish Moped Class 1 and 2 – All You Need to Know Ebook

The most extensive and, so far, ONLY English-language guide on the subject

cover of swedish moped class 1 and 2 all you need to know ebook


In Sweden, the system of dividing 50cc mopeds and scooters into two classes has been in effect since 1998. And yet, the differences between these two classes are not as common knowledge as they should be. In fact, it’s surprisingly hard to find reliable information online about this topic.

And that’s assuming you can read Swedish – if you don’t, it’s next to impossible to find this information.

Until now, that is.

Inside the Swedish Moped Class 1 and 2 – All You Need to Know ebook, you’ll discover:

  • The differences between each moped class, including:
    • Which one packs the most power
    • Where to park it
    • Where you’re supposed to ride
  • How to quickly identify a moped or scooter of either class
  • Pros and cons of both vehicle types
  • A sign that ONLY affects Class 2 mopeds or scooters

And it’s all explained in plain English.

Are you using a 50cc-equivalent moped or scooter for:

  • Doing food or other types of deliveries?
  • Commuting to work?
  • Pure fun?

Then this is stuff you must know – it’s what could save you from being slapped in the face with a hefty fine or, even worse – having your license revoked.

Fortunately, you’re in luck – this ebook contains everything you need to know to continue (or even start) and enjoy your riding to the max – all while staying 100% within the law.


The latest version of this ebook contains a brand new chapter dedicated to e-bikes and whether you need a license to ride one.