Did you know that the word “squid” takes on a whole different meaning when you’re around motorcycles?

And do you know what a “pasta rocket” is?

In this blog post, you’ll discover 7 common motorcycle slang terms – and more importantly, what they mean in plain, everyday English.

Slang term #1. “Squid”

image of squid
In the motorcycle world, this word has little to no relation to anything that lives in the sea and spurts ink.

Instead, “squid” refers to a rider who rides a motorcycle (usually a powerful sportbike like a Honda CBR or a Yamaha FZR1000) with little to no protective clothing – apart from a helmet.

Slang term #2. “Cager/Cage”

image of cage
Photo by Sarmad Mughal from Pexels
Many motorcyclists feel antagonized by car drivers on the road, which is probably why the terms “cager” and “cage” exist.

“Cager” is someone driving a “cage” – i.e., a car.

It’s important to note that this term almost always has a negative context – such as:

The other day, I almost got hit by a cager at a roundabout!

Slang Term #3: Grocery Getter

But what about when a biker has to do the weekly shopping? Do they drive a “cage” and join those “cagers” they despise?

Not really – instead, they drive a “grocery getter.” 

Unlike “cage,” the term “grocery getter” has more of a positive connotation and sometimes implies that the driver is actually a motorcycle rider.

Slang Term #4: Metric Bike

The term “metric bike” is used to describe any motorcycle made outside of the United States, where the metric system is used. 

So, for example, a Honda Grom (made in Japan) would be considered a metric bike, while an Indian Scout (made in the USA) would not be regarded as a metric bike.

Slang Term #5: Pasta Rocket

As Italy is a country known for its fine cuisine, including pasta, a “Pasta Rocket” is a fast motorcycle made by an Italian motorcycle manufacturer, like Ducati or Moto Guzzi.

Slang Term #6: Gixxer

The term “Gixxer” is a slang term for the Suzuki GSX – a powerful sportbike (the 650 F model is pictured below:)

Slang Term #7: Broomstick

image of broomstick
Photo by Joshimer Biñas from Pexels
No – the type of broomstick I’m thinking of has absolutely nothing to do with the one displayed in the picture above. 

In motorcycle slang, “broomstick” means a completely straight handlebar.

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