What is the Honda MB50?

The Honda MB50 is a 50cc motorcycle with sport-bike styling made and sold by Honda between 1979 well into the late 1980s. In the United States, the bike became known as the “MB5” – although it was only imported and sold in 1982. The MB50 was, however, more popular in many European countries, such as Sweden, where it was marketed as the “motorcycle for the 15-year old” (referencing the age where you’re allowed to ride a 50cc moped).

MB50 vs. MT50

Often considered its sibling, the Honda MT50 is a 50 cc motorcycle with a similar engine to the MB50. The main difference between the two is that the MT50 is a dual-sport bike, while the MB50 is more of a street bike. Aside from that, the MB50 also has a rev counter, something which is missing on the MT50. Like to know more about the Honda MT50? Click on the image below to go straight to its Specs & Stats page.

Honda MB-8

In addition to the standard model, there’s also a special version available in some regions called the MB-8. From a design standpoint, it’s nearly identical to the MB50, except that it has an 80cc engine instead of a 50cc one.

Honda MB50 Specs

1979 model:

Engine: Single-cylinder, two-stroke, air-cooled Displacement: 49cc Max power: 7 HP Gearbox: 5-speed manual transmission Drivetrain: Chain-drive Ignition: CDI Fuel system: Carburettor, Keihin 13mm Fuel tank capacity: 9 liters/2.4 US gallons Starter: Kickstarter Front brake: Disc brake, single disc Rear brake: Drum brake Total weight (dry): 79 kg/ 174 lbs Sources: bikez.com, motorcyclespecs.co.za