I bet you thought that these were Thai Labretta knockoff brands, didn’t you?

Good guess, but that’s not the case at all. The Siambrettas and Siambrettas weren’t even made in Thailand.

So where did they come from? What makes them special?

And why do they have “Siam” in their names even though they’re not from Thailand?

In this article, you’ll discover more about both these brands, including:

  • What makes a Siambretta special – and where the “Siam” part comes from
  • Key differences between a “Siambretta” and a “Siamlambretta”

What is a “Siambretta?”

As I mentioned earlier, even though they have “Siam” in the name, neither the Siambretta nor the Siamlambretta were Thai knockoffs – let alone knockoffs at all.

They were officially licensed Lambretta scooters that were either made for the Argentinian market exclusively.


So why do they have “Siam” in their names?

The name derives from “Siam Di Tella” – the company that imported and later made these special Argentinian Lambrettas.

This company began importing obsolete Model A Lambrettas but later graduated to producing their own versions based on the Li/TV Series 2 variant in the 1960s.

Siam Di Tella is still around, although they mostly make home appliances like refrigerators these days.

Siambrettas vs. Siamlambrettas

Although their names sound similar, there are several key differences between the two models.

The main one was that the Siambretta scooters were actually manufactured in Argentina, whereas the Siamlambrettas were manufactured in

The scooters’ design was different, too, since the Siambretta had a design inspired by the LD series of Lambrettas.



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