What is the Honda CT110?

The Honda CT110 is an off-road motorcycle made between 1980 and 2013 to replace the CT90 – a variant of the Super Cub design.

The CT110 is particularly well-known in Australia, where it’s called “The Postie Bike” since Australian mail carriers used them to deliver the mail.

While the CT110 was primarily offered in red, there were two different types of red called “Monza Red” and “Tahitian Red.”


  • Monza Red: Used for the 1980 and 1982 models
  • Tahitian Red: Used for the 1981 models

Postie Bike models serial numbers

  • 1980 models: start with “JD01-5000001”
  • 1981 models: start with “JH2JD010*BS100002″
  • 1982 models: start with “JH2JD010*CS200001″

CT110 – Fun Trivia:

  • The paint code for the CT110 is known as “R110 Monza Red”
  • The Danish aid company Danida used the CT110 as the standard issue for aid workers in the 1970s and the 1980s
  • There’s an annual charity event called “Postie Bike Challenge” where hundreds of people ride 3,500 kilometres (about 2170 miles) across Australia on Honda CT110s.

Honda CT110 Specs (2005 models)

Engine: Single cylinder, four-stroke air-cooled

Displacement: 110 ccs

Compression ratio: 8.2:1

Ignition system: Battery and ignition coil

Top speed: 85 km/h (52 mph)

Gearbox: 4-speed

Clutch: Wet multi-plate automatic

Fuel tank capacity: 5,5  liters (1,4 gallons)

Fuel system: Carburettor

Starter: Kickstart

Drivetrain: Chain-drive

Front brake: Drum brake

Rear brake: Drum brake

Wheelbase: 1210mm/47 inches

Wheel size: 17″

Front tire pressure: 25 PSI

Rear tire pressure: 32 PSI

Sources: bikez.comct110-postie.com, cyclechaos.com

If you’re interested in a review of the CT110, check out this video below from the Biker Bits YouTube channel: