What is the Honda MT50?

The MT50 is a 50cc dual-sport dirtbike made by Honda between 1982 and 2000 that was particularly popular in the Netherlands and many Scandinavian countries. In the UK and the US, it was available as the “Honda MT5.” In 1983, Honda introduced the MTX50, which was intended to replace the MT50. Despite this, the MT50 returned in 1990, this time with new specs. It’s worth mentioning, however, that the parts between the “old version” and the “revamped version” are not necessarily interchangeable.

How to identify a “revamped” MT50

The easiest way to detect if your MT50 is the newer 1990 version is to check the VIN. Models made from 1990 and onwards start with “AD01-5500002. The original 1980 models, however, begin with “AD01-5000882.”

Honda MT50 vs. the MB50

The biggest difference between the MT50 and the MB50 was that the MT50 had more of a dual-sport design.

The MB50 (also known as the “MB5” in some countries), however, had more of a sportbike styling.

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Honda MT50 Specs

Original 1980 model

Engine: Single cylinder, two-stroke, air-cooled Displacement: 49 cc Max power: 7 HP Gearbox: 4-speed manual gearbox Drivetrain: Chain-drive Ignition: CDI Fuel system: Carburettor – Keihin 13mm Fuel tank capacity: 6 liters/ 1.8 US gallons Starter: Kickstarter Front brake: Drum brake Rear brake: Drum brake Wheelbase: 1245 mm/49 inches Total weight (dry): 82 kilos/180 lbs Source: Bikez.com