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What is the Honda Zoomer?

Also known as the “Honda Ruckus” in Canada and the United States, the Honda Zoomer first saw the light of the day in 2002.  And unlike other scooters, the Zoomer is primarily free from body panels. It also weighs very little – only 87 kilos (or 194 pounds). If you do a lot of deadlifting, you could probably pick the Zoomer right off the ground.

Fun trivia:

  • The European models featured a unique, compact fuel injection system which Honda called “Programmed Fuel Injection” (or “PGMFI”)
  • The Zoomer has no starter motor. Instead, when you turn the key, the alternator “reverts,” making it possible to start the engine

Honda Big Ruckus

Wheresdib, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Do you live in North America and want a Ruckus but also something faster than 50cc? Then, you’re in luck! Enter the Honda Big Ruckus – a version of the original Ruckus that sports a 250cc engine and larger, 12 inch tires. Furthermore, it also has a foldable backrest for a more comfortable ride.  In fact, with all these features, the Big Ruckus resembles a motorcycle more than a scooter – something which took notice of when they reviewed the Big Ruckus in 2006:
“The riding position and overall feeling that the bike conveys is more closely related to a big cruising motorcycle than a conventional scooter.”

Honda Zoomer Specs (2002 model)

Engine: Four-stroke, Single-cylinder, liquid-cooled

Displacement: 49cc

Gearbox: CVT transmission

Fuel system: Carburettor

Compression rate: 12:0:1

Front brake: Expanding brake

Rear brake: Expanding brake

Wheel size: 10″

Wheelbase: 1265mm /49.8 inches

Fuel capacity: 5 liters (1.32 US gallons)

Total weight (dry): 79 kg/172.2 pounds


Honda Big Ruckus Specs (2006 model)

Engine: Four-stroke, Single-cylinder, liquid-cooled Displacement: 249cc Gearbox: CVT transmission Drivetrain: Belt drive Fuel system: Carburettor Compression rate: 10:5:1 Front brake: Single disc brake Rear brake: Expanding drum brake Wheel size: 12″ Wheelbase: 1455mm/57.3 inches Fuel capacity: 12.11 liters (3.20 US gallons) Total weight (dry): 164 kg/362 pounds Source:

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#1. In Europe, the Honda Ruckus goes by a different name - which one?

In Europe, the Honda Ruckus is known as the “Honda Zoomer

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#2. The millionth Piaggio Vespa ever made received a special treatment from Pope Pius XII. What did he do to it?

In 1956, the millionth Vespa ever made was blessed by then-Pope Pius XII – on an altar and all. 

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#3. In which Italian city were Innocenti (the makers of the Lambretta scooters) based?

Innocenti was based in Milan and built not only Lambretta scooters but also cars under license from BMC.

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#4. What does "Kymco" stand for?

Kymco is an anagram from “Kwang Yang Motor Company”

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#5. What are PGO Scooters branded as in the United States?

In the United States, PGO Scooters are available under the Genuine Scooters brand.

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#6. What is "Lambretta" named after?

Lambretta is named after the Milan suburb of Lambrate.

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#7. Which manufacturer built a scooter named the "Topper?"

It might surprise you, but it’s actually Harley Davidson who made a scooter called the “Topper.”

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#8. What does "CVT" stand for?

The most common scooter transmission type is the CVT transmission, or “Continuously Variable Transmission.”

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#9. In which American city are Genuine Scooters headquartered in?

Genuine Scooters are headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. 

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#10. Which of these scooter brands is NOT Taiwanese?

Out of all these scooter brands, Daelim is the one that is not Taiwanese – Daelim is a Korean scooter and motorcycle brand.

#11. Which one of these two scooters is a Piaggio Vespa?

Scooter 1 is the Piaggio Vespa. You can tell by the fact that it has its engine mounted on the side. 


#12. Which two characteristics are common on an underbone motorcycle?

Unlike scooters, underbone motorcycles have:

  1. Engines mounted in the front of the rider’s feet
  2. Semi-automatic transmissions

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