Out of all models made by Puch, one remains the most common – The Maxi.

In this post, you’ll discover more about this special moped, including:

  • Differences between the E50 and the ZA50 engines
  • The different models – from the Maxi S to the Guam Edition.
  • The engine specs for the standard Puch Maxi

What is the Maxi, and Who Made It?

The Puch Maxi is a two-stroke moped first built by the Austrian moped and motorcycle manufacturer Puch between 1969 and 1995.

In total, over 1.8 million were built (the millionth one is in the featured image for this blog post).

Fun trivia:

  • The first generation Puch Maxis had pedals on them which were designed so that the moped could be used as a regular bicycle
  • You can see a Puch Maxi S in the movie Spider-Man 2.
  • The Puch Maxi sold well in 1970s America, and can even be seen heavily in this cute moped riding safety video from 1979:

E50 vs. ZA50 Engines

As prevalent as it may be, not every Maxi is the same – there are many different models. Some feature the E50 engine, while others use the ZA50 engine. But what’s the difference?

The E50 engine is equipped with a one-speed gearbox, while the ZA50 has a two-speed gearbox.

The easiest way to tell them apart is that an E50 engine (picture below) is round-shaped. 

image of puch e50 engine
The ZA50 engine, on the other hand, is rectangular-shaped. 

3 Different Puch Maxi models

Maxi S:

This is the standard Maxi model which features full suspension and an E50 engine with a one-speed gearbox.

Maxi N

Compared with the S, the Maxi N model is a lot more spartan – lacking a speedometer, among other things.

It’s for this reason that some people call the Maxi N the “Poor man’s Maxi.”

Maxi Guam Edition

The Maxi Guam Edition is one of the more unique Maxi models.

Unlike the standard S models, the Guam Editions have their switches integrated into the throttle housing – also known as “Honda style” controls.

Aside from that, they come with turn signals as standard and a swingarm that resembles that of a Puch Magnum.

So how can you spot a Puch Maxi Guam Edition? Check the VIN number.

Puch Maxi S (1978) Specs:

Engine: Two-stroke, Single-cylinder, air-cooled

Displacement: 48cc

Gearbox: 1-speed automatic (E50), 2-speed automatic (ZA50)

Drivetrain: Chain-drive

Fuel system: Carburettor

Compression rate: 9.2:1

Front brake: Drum brake

Rear brake: Rear brake

Wheel size: 21″

Wheelbase: 1120 mm/44.1 inches

Total weight (dry): 39 kg/85 pounds

Source: Bikez.com