Original image by Alf van Beem, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

What is the Puch VZ50 and who made it?

The Puch VZ50 is a 50cc sports moped made by the Austrian motorcycle and moped manufacturer Puch between 1965 and 1975.

Unlike many other mopeds at the time, the VZ50 looked more like a small motorcycle – making it appealing to many teenagers in the 1970s.

The engine was also fan-cooled – also quite unusual for mopeds at the time.


“Puch Dakota” – The VZ50 in Sweden

When Sweden started importing the VZ50 in 1966, it got the name “Puch Dakota” – a name thought up by Lundbolagen AB – the Swedish importers of Puch mopeds.

It’s unclear whether it’s South or North Dakota, though. 

The first models were available with a British Racing Green paint job, although between 1967-1970, they were also available in red and blue between 1970-1982.

Out of all the Puch models, the Dakota/VZ50 has reached something of a cult status in Sweden.

It’s so iconic that there’s a novelty comedy song named after it:

Quick trivia:

  • The blue color scheme available on the 1970-182 models was known as “Dino Blue”
  • When it ceased production in 1982, Sweden was the only country in the world where the VZ50 was still being sold

Different versions of the VZ50:

VZ50 V3/Texas

Made between 1973-1984, the VZ50 V3 (aka the “Texas”) is a budget version of the standard VZ50, where several features were removed to keep costs down, including:

  • The speedometer
  • The luggage rack (later, the 1974 models reintroduced the luggage rack) 

Puch “Flagskib”

The “Flagskib” is a unique model of the VZ50 made exclusively for the Danish market that had a rev counter and indicator lights fitted as standard.

And in case you’re interested, the Danish word “Flagskib” literally translates to “Flagship.”

1975 Puch VZ50 engine specs:

Engine: Single cylinder, two-stroke air-cooled 

Displacement: 49cc

Gearbox: 3-speed

Drivetrain: Chain-drive

Ignition: Flywheel magneto

Clutch type: Wet plate clutch

Wheel size: 21″

Front suspension: Hydraulic telescopic forks

Rear suspension: Coil spring

Source: Bikez.com